Promotion Details

  • Global Eligibility
  • Sold by Lane - from 1 lane to as many as you need
  • TruSeq or Nextera Libraries Accepted
  • Raw Data Securely Delivered by AWS or Hard Drive from 15 Working Days

Sequencing Strategy


PE 100

$4 / Gb with Q30 ≥80%*

(Output per lane 800 - 1200 Gb)

PE 150

$4 / Gb with Q30 ≥80%*

(Output per lane 1200 - 1500 Gb)

Hurry, libraries must be submitted before Dec 31st, 2020.

Read More About DNBSEQ Sequencing Technology and Sequencing Data Performance: 

Download DNBSEQ Tech Note


*Note, final price per Gb, data output and quality may be affected by multiple factors including library type, library quality, insert size, library construction, GC ratio and pooling bias.