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Introducing Multi-Omics

BGI's history lies in cutting edge genomics research. But we're continually pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery forward with new technologies and research approaches that are enabling our customers to get more insight than ever before!

We've pioneered the field of multi-omics and offer a range of advanced solutions to support a huge variety of research. Our expertise and scale allow us to take advantage of cost efficiencies, and we pass on these savings to our valued customers with some of the lowest mass spec service pricing available!

Multi-omics is the integrative biological analysis of different data sets from single omics areas for new insight. An integrated multi-omics approach to research enables a more comprehensive understanding of genotypic, phenotypic and environmental relationships and their association to disease and health of an organism. BGI offers multi-omics services to look across genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, proteomics and metabolomics, with the flexibility to customize solutions that meet your specific needs. All projects are supported by a bioinformatics infrastructure that is second to none.

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Advanced NGS & Mass Spec Platforms, Strict SOP & QC

Huge Range Of Multi-Omics Research Options & Bioinformatics Solutions

Expert Team With Experience Across 1000s Of Projects To Help Guide You

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An Expert Team Follows Your Project Every Step Of The Way



  • Expert guidance on optimum proteomic / metabolomic strategy to achieve your research goals
  • Detailed guidance on sample preparation and shipment options


  • Regular updates on project progress
  • Rigorous QC processes throughout the project
  • On-time delivery of data and reports



  • Extensive data packages with clear method description
  • Consultation on results and follow-up studies
  • Customized analysis options available
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Embrace the Future of Multi-Omics

BGI has pioneered the field of Multi-Omics and offers a range of solutions, including advanced proteomics / metabolomics / genomics solutions  to enhance basic research and drug development projects.

We apply state-of-the-art LC-MS/MS systems and techniques to offer validated proteomics, metabolomics, multi-omics, biologics characterization and bioinformatics workflows.

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