Limited-Time Savings On

RNA Sequencing

Stranded mRNA Library + 20M Reads



Plant & Animal Whole Genome Re-Sequencing
True PCR-Free Library $60/Library
PE100/PE150 Sequencing $7/Gb Clean Data


Human Whole Genome Sequencing
≥ 500 Samples (gDNA)
Valid Until

Library + 90Gb Clean Data


Jan 31st, 2021


Sequel II Sequencing

CLR Library


HiFi Library



Simply Sequencing
Premade Library)

Output Per Lane*
(Raw Data) 

Promo Price
(Sold by Lane)

Valid Until


800 - 1200Gb/Lane

Q30 ≥ 80%


Equivalent $4/Gb

Dec 31st,



1200 - 1500Gb/Lane

Q30 ≥ 80%


Equivalent $4/Gb

Hurry, libraries must be submitted before Dec
31st, 2020.

Read More About DNBSEQ Sequencing Technology and Sequencing Data Performance: 

Download DNBSEQ Tech Note


*All submitted libraries will be sequenced on our DNBSEQ-T7, and for simply sequencing, price per Gb is calculated based on our average data output. Final price per Gb, data output and quality may be affected by multiple factors including library type, library quality, insert size, library construction, GC ratio and pooling bias.